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ARM Guide to Document Management

Can Your Organization Benefit from Capturing and Digitally Storing Business Documents?

No matter what the size of your organisation or which industry you are involved in, you should realise the criticality of gaining control of and managing documentation within that organisation.

If you are spending hours instead of minutes searching for documents or wasting valuable office space on filing cabinets full of paper, you are ready to go digital.

Take a look at some of the key benefits of capturing and digitally storing documents:

  • Increased operational efficiency and customer service
  • Heightened security and regulatory compliance
  • Enhanced capabilities for disaster recovery and business continuity
  • Enforcement of data retention policies
  • Reduction in paper and document costs

By providing immediate access to documents, your organization can significantly reduce the time and resources required to complete business processes. This means employees can spend less time searching for documents and more time on high value tasks.

Do You Really Need a Document Management Solution?

According to the” Association for Information and Image Management “(AIIM), unstructured information typically represents about 80% of the overall documentation and information that is needed in a business process. For even small and medium size organisations this often represents a staggering amount of data, making it essential yet challenging to manage and control.

According to AIIM, the main business drivers are associated with costs, customer service and risk.


Customer Service


Improved efficiency

Reduced costs

Increased profits

Better customer service

Competitive advantage

Faster turnaround, improved response


Risk management

Business continuity

If your organisation can identify with any of these business drivers, then it’s likely that you can benefit from a digital document management solution.

If you are still not convinced, consider these simple questions:

  • Are the costs of managing and storing paper-based documents rising?
  • Do you store customer communications in paper-based files or on PC hard disks?
  • Do you need to quickly access information for customers, suppliers?
  • Are you impacted by government regulations which require long term retention?
  • Do you need access to business records for potential litigation or continuity purposes?

If you answer yes to any of these questions, you will greatly benefit from an electronic document management solution.

Source: AIIM, Executive Summary of AIIM State of the Industry Report for Conference Attendees

So What Does a Document Management Solution Really Do?

Electronic document management software allows organisations to capture documents and information in paper or electronic format, and then share, index, store, preserve and deliver the information throughout its lifecycle. Records management software, which allows organisations to automatically enforce consistent records retention and classification policies, has historically been a separate solution.

Today there is a new breed of software that brings together both electronic document management and records management software capabilities into one integrated solution. This complete and modular solution allows organizations to choose from all the key components of document and records management; 

  • Imaging, capture, indexing,
  • Archival and retrieval,
  • Document management,
  • Records management,
  • Web access and distribution functionality

This modular approach enables organisations to implement a single, economical solution for managing electronic archives that keeps documents safe, secure, compliant and quickly accessible.

If your organisation is still paper based or you still allow users to save their electronic files anywhere they please, then you are wasting valuable space, resources, time and money. You are also likely at risk for compliance or litigation problems sometime in the future.

Increased Operational Efficiency and Better Customer Service

Manual records retention and document management routines are time-consuming, error-prone and wasteful. They take valuable employee resources away from servicing customers and effectively addressing your organization’s true business objectives.

A document management solution automates repetitive and error-prone processes enabling your organisation to streamline processes and gain control of your documents and data. It also eliminates unnecessary, time-consuming and unsecured paper-handling by giving authorised users quick and easy access to information at their desks. Employees no longer waste time filing or searching for critical documents or customer information. Instead, documents are electronically stored in a central repository where authorized employees can quickly and easily search and access documents online or directly from their desktops. This enables employees to promptly act on information, resolve inquiries more efficiently and provide higher and more accurate levels of customer service.

Paper and Electronic Document Storage Cost Reduction

A document management solution eliminates the need for paper-based processing, paper storage, printing and distribution and helps dramatically reduce costs in these areas. In addition, a document management solution further lowers costs by reducing the time and resources needed for discovery, audits, litigation and compliance.

Regulatory Compliance

Today, a multitude of regulations impact document management processes and the penalties for non-compliance can be severe. A document management solution helps with compliance, by replacing manual document handling and record keeping. Organisations can electronically manage track and audit critical business documents and enforce records policies. It also automates and provides greater visibility into business processes.

What to Look for in a Document Management Solution

When looking for a document management solution it is wise to consider some key characteristics.

Fast and Easy End-user Access

If a system is hard to use and access, users will waste valuable time or eventually abandon the system if they can. When evaluating different products, ensure they are user-friendly and easy to use with a user’s daily work tasks.

Does it offer integrations with Microsoft® Office and other familiar applications? Also consider the people that need to access the content. Look for a solution that provides quick and easy read-only access to stored information.

Integrated Document and Records Management Capabilities

Make sure the solution offers a records management module integrated with the document management system. This will benefit both IT and records managers and reduce the complexity of managing your documents. Avoid ‘two-vendor’ solutions that are disguised as ‘integrated’.

Does the solution enables IT and records managers to share the same repository? Can records retention policies such as required classification, legal holds and dispositions be easily applied directly to the document repository? Is the repository secure?

Look no further than ARM’s Document Management Solution

ARM’s Document Management Solution reduces the costs, time, and complexity associated with securely storing and quickly accessing business data, communications and information. It gives organisations the power to manage and use all critical business information throughout the information lifecycle. Document Management delivers a complete document and records management solution that can grow with an organisation’s needs. Imaging, capture, indexing, archival and retrieval, workflow, document management, records management, integration and distribution functions are available when and where you need it. To provide additional flexibility for your business, the software runs either on a server or as a stand-alone desktop configuration, and can be deployed over the Web for remote user or self-service scenarios as well.

ARM’s Document Management Solution is easy to use and easy to implement. It will grow with your business while minimizing the need to invest in additional IT resources.

Summary of Capability and Associated Benefits



A unified document repository

Connects daily document management with long-term records retention

Document lifecycle management

Offers complete control over documents from cradle to grave

Records classification and retention rules

Supports compliance and retention guidelines

A secure repository

Protects and preserves document integrity, which supports compliance and retention guidelines

Email, fax and scan capture modules

Captures all business communications

Fast search and retrieval of archives

Gets the right information to the right people at the right time, no matter the age of the data

ARM Advantage for Delivering a Document Management Solution

ARM has been helping organisations to automate their business processes and achieve significant ROIs for more than 10 years.

ARM is a partner with industry vendors such as EMC, Basware, OpenText and Autonomy. This enables ARM to select the best of bread products to be used in its solutions.

ARM is an independent advisor who can simplify a company’s effort in selecting the best products by frequently investigating the available products and introducing them to its customers.

ARM is one stop shop for organisations which require consultancy for developing a business case, selecting and designing the suitable solution, implementing and delivering the solution and supporting and maintaining the solution.

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