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ARM Guide to Business Process Automation

Traditionally businesses relied on the manual performance and management of their processes. Whether the process was an independent one or one that was a trigger or dependency of another, the approach traditionally had been to rely on individuals to perform specific tasks assigned to them using the relevant tools and resources. For example to open a bank account, a relevant form had to be completed and signed by the client. The form was then manually transferred to the appropriate knowledge worker who performed tasks such as security checks, creating appropriate records, filing the application , etc. Usually more than one person was involved in performing each business process. In these types of manual handling of business processes, documents and information had to be manually transferred to appropriate parties for action. Such traditional approach had the following constraints:

  • Process was slow and resource consuming
  • There was limited access to the documents or information which is being worked on
  • There was limited visibility or control on the status of tasks
  • There was a high risk of misplacing documents and information

These inefficiencies and constraints eventually lead to higher operation cost, lower customer satisfaction and non compliance with regulations.

Fortunately in today’s modern business world, most businesses have recognised the significance of automating business processes. There is a growing trend in eliminating the resource intensive manual processes and replacing them with much more efficient automated ones to achieve business goals, increase ROI, maintain high customer satisfaction and comply with regulations.

ARM BPA solution is the platform which ARM uses to help businesses achieve these results.

Business process automation, or BPA is the use of "technology components to substitute and/or supplement manual processes to manage information flow within an organization to lower costs, reduce risk, and increase consistency." -JavaWorld

As expressed above, BPA is a broad concept in definition. ARM BPA solution which is based on web technology enables organisations to draw and design any business process electronically by automating the movement of information and documents (as a task) within the organisation. This solution ensures an appropriate person performs the required action online. The strong audit and reporting facility in this solution enable organisations to have full visibility over tasks and documents and identify the bottlenecks anywhere in the process to improve productivity and efficiency.

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